Poke Meta is a Role – play and Strategy game which developed based on monster world. Join now with trainers from all around the world and enjoy competitive matches to find out the strongest one! Enter the colorful world, gather monsters and become Champions.

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About Us

Our goal is to become one of the best Online Game service providers in Vietnam. The company always aspires to bring new, interesting and creative forms of entertainment to the market.


We all know, there're goals that can not be reached without solidarity. In a bigger picture, greater goals go with greater effort. Our company with a team of great solidarity can together achive fantastic goals.


Innovation and Entertainment should be stick with company's activities and cultures. Our company always aspires to encourage and help employees to solve the prolems. Based on teammates' ideas, we can meet customers' needs, follow the market's chance and achieve the goals.


With us, current and potential clients are the center of company's decisions. Company need to predict clients' demands and create a friendly environment for cooperation. Company must keep reputation and provide clients with high quality and useful services.